Laurieton, NSW

Welcome to Camden Haven Bridge Club.

The Club is located at the Laurieton United Servicemen's Club (LUSC), at the corner of Lake and Seymour Streets, Laurieton, NSW.

The Bridge Club is a "Sports Club" and is a sub-club of LUSC.

Bridge is played in a very comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned room.

Membership: Annual Membership ($25) includes the affiliation fee payable to the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) for each member. Associate Membership ($5) is also available for those members whose "home club" is another ABF registered club, ie whose affiliation fee has already been paid. All members must also join LUSC as social members. Table Fees per session are $4 for members, $6 for visitors. It pays to belong! This covers a free bottomless cup of tea and/or coffee with biscuits.

Latest Technology: Our Club is committed to using the latest technology to enhance the enjoyment of Bridge by its members. Bridgemate electronic scoring makes results available immediately after the last Board is played. Results are posted to this web site, together with travellers and the deal file. This makes it possible to review any difficult or interesting hands.

Swiss Teams:

When there is a large number of teams, as at Congresses, Swiss Teams are the order of the day and are a load of fun! Your team is initially matched randomly against another team and,in the next match,against a team with a similar level of performance on the first round. This is repeated throughout the day (or weekend), maximising your chance to win at least some matches. Results are translated into victory points(VPs). The team with the most VPs wins overall. but most teams chalk up a win or two along the way, earning them precious red or gold points. Most Congresses also award money and kudos to the best performing teams in the lower total masterpoints divisions.

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